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Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) are tendering for a range of transport services. The purpose of this specification is to detail the service requirements of the selected Suppliers on the dynamic purchasing system (DPS) for working with Bracknell Forest Council (BFC) in providing transport for both service users and Council staff. This document should be used in conjunction with the terms and conditions of individual contracts (routes) known as lots on the DPS.|| Providers are expected to operate a high-quality service that caters for the needs of the passengers and meets all current and future requirements of the contract, the Council and all relevant legislation. They will need to be able to supply appropriate, suitably trained, client-focused staff for all passengers, especially those with additional or challenging needs. Providers will also need to demonstrate that they can manage their staff’s professional conduct and ensure that they, as individuals, understand and meet the service standards.|| We are looking for providers who will treat Council staff, schools, parents/carers and the passengers as customers. They should be open and honest in their communication with the Council at operational and management levels. The Council expects to be informed of any service delays, accidents, issues or changes to the contract requirements. Providers must also be able to effectively manage the performance of the contract and work with the Council to analyse the current provision and develop effective and innovative solutions. They will need to supply suitable vehicles dependent on the contract needs and there should also be strong contingency plans and arrangements in place to minimise interruptions in service due to unforeseen events such as breakdowns and sickness.|| The initial contracts will commence on 1.9.2020 following mini competitions under this DPS. Total contract value estimated between 3 500 000 GBP and 12 000 000 GBP depending on usage and contract duration. Organisations must register their interest on the South East Business Portal site in order to receive any changes or notifications issued by the Council during this tender process. The Council will not be held responsible for lack of communication to any organisation who does not register their interest. Clarification questions can also be sent through this site.|| This will be a restricted 2-stage process. Stage 1 is the selection questionnaire for tenderer selection and, if successful, at stage 1 (Rounds), organisations will be invited to tender at stage 2 under mini competition under this DPS.



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