Petroleum products, fuel, electricity and other sources of energy

Maidstone, Iso-Britannia | Kent County Council (t/a LASER)
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This Dynamic Purchase System (DPS) provides a route, compliant with UK public procurement regulations, for public bodies to procure power purchase agreements. It is intended to help public bodies and renewable energy generators contract together through a relatively simplified and standardised way. With the aim of driving greater and faster expansion of renewable generation assets.|| The DPS is structured such that generators who can meet a set of mandatory requirements, set in the specifications document, will be accepted as approved suppliers to the DPS. Individual or groups of public bodies will run mini competitions to which approved suppliers will be invited to bid. The mini competitions will include more detailed specifications relating to the requirements of that/those public bodies. What further specifications could be covered under mini competition is expanded further in the specification document.|| To note that services, goods and/or works may be procured through the future mini competitions run through this DPS and would be subject to appropriate terms, for example: works would be carried out utilising appropriate JCT terms, as agreed between the supplier and participating authority.



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