Low-floor buses

Uzhgorod, Ukraina | Communal Enterprise “Uzhgorod Municipal Transport” of Uzhgorod City Council
Julkaistu 2 kuukautta sitten | 8.4.2024 Alkuperäinen ilmoitus

Supply of two-axle e-Buses, new, M3 category, designed and constructed for the carriage of passengers, comprising more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat, and having a maximum mass exceeding 5 tons, in accordance with UNECE Regulation n°107. The Trolleybuses shall be with a left-hand steering wheel and a low floor throughout its with stepless access through all passenger doors, as driven by a 100% electric system based on battery, designed as a City type vehicle for the transportation of passengers by streets and roads Category I and III in accordance with DSTU 3587 and DBN V.2.3-5:2018 “Streets and Roads of Human Settlements”, which are intended for nominal static axle load of 115 kN. Further information can be obtained in the tender document.



Ilmoitusnumero 202994-2024
Ilmoitusta kuvaavat CPV-Koodit Matalalattialinja-autot (34121400)
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Osoitetiedot Communal Enterprise “Uzhgorod Municipal Transport” of Uzhgorod City Council
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