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Oslo, Norja | Direktoratet for Forvaltning og Økonomistyring (DFØ)
Julkaistu 4 vuotta sitten | 17.2.2020 Alkuperäinen ilmoitus

The Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management (Norwegian abbreviation DFØ) would like to offer our customers and the administration an improved platform for exchanging data and at the same time keep the impact on the source systems as low as possible. This can, for example, include making purchase, HR, payroll and accounting information available, without influencing important supply of services.|| The important points that the Norwegian Government Agency for Financial Management wants to achieve in the long-term are:|| — a good solution to deliver data at DFO's customer and management,|| — a good solution to offer API based integrations to clients and the administration.|| We currently have a purchasing system for advice within cloud services and the system we are now extending an invitation to is only for execution within the same area. The system will include, amongst other things, design, development, testing, operation and management.



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