Horticultural services

Yeovil, Iso-Britannia | Advantage South West
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http://www.advantageswtenders.co.uk/|| This contract notice is to extend the duration of this DPS from 5 years to 10 years. Companies on the DPS do not need to re-apply.|| This DPS was originally advertised in 2016/S 226-411713. It includes but is not limited to the undertaking of regular programmed cyclical visits and unplanned remedial visits to various locations to carry out grounds maintenance and horticultural activities including but not limited to grass cutting, strimming, picking up service, shrub/rosebed maintenance, hedge trimming and maintenance, light tree maintenance and maintenance of hard landscaping areas. The maximum spend on this DPS is GBP 25 000 000 but please note that it is highly unlikely that this spend level will be reached as some of our members have existing arrangements in place, some undertake work in-house and there is no obligation on them to access this DPS for their requirements.



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