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Tromsø and Karlsøy Kommune [Tromsø and Karlsøy Municipality] wants to establish a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for procurements of residential service offers. The services will be, for example, personal assistance and the practical assistance and training that users need for respite care and children homes, cf. the Health and Care Services Act § 3-2(6). Please note that the contract is in accordance with Part IV of the regulations (Procurement of Health and Social services). However, the contract is published as a Part III procurement due to practical reasons, as the Mercell system does not support publication of a Dynamic Purchasing System for Part IV of the regulations.|| Further details on the users' challenges, needs, expected duration, staffing and other information on the residential service will be made available for each competition included in the purchasing system.|| Note that the tender documentation includes guidelines as to how a Dynamic Purchase System functions and what tenderers must do to participate.|| Click here



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