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Coventry, Iso-Britannia | Coventry City Council
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Potential providers are invited to tender to join an open framework for:|| 1) The delivery of supported living accommodation for adults and older people with a learning disability, autism, complex behaviour and dual diagnosis, physical/sensory impairment, mental health and multiple complex needs; and|| 2) Day opportunities for adults with learning disabilities, complex behaviour, dual diagnosis or autism. services are for Coventry City Council and Coventry and Rugby Clinical Commissioning Group. Providers will be able to submit a tender against specific lots under this framework. Tenders can be against a single lot or any combination of lots for both supported living and day opportunities; there is no limit to the number of lots providers can apply for. Successful providers will be admitted onto the framework as an approved supplier and will be eligible to bid for work under a call-off/mini-competition process.



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